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4/3 PFP Workshop for STAY
Nevada County Suicide Resources & Education
Sunday, April 3rd
250 Race St., Grass Valley
Admission: Free

Please join Tim and Rachel as they open up one the the hardest death conversations to address, the heartbreaking act of suicide. We will discuss the suicide rate in our own Nevada County, and the reasons why it's much higher than you might think. We'll give an overview of what we plan to present at our evening event on the 17th, and present information on the many resources available in our area to help those in crisis and their loved ones.

4/17 Posy-Filled Pockets Presents: STAY
Sunday, April 17th
250 Race St., Grass Valley
Advance Tickets: Free*
Eventbrite - STAY
Despite being as old as any other human condition, suicide is still shrouded in sorrowful shame and secrecy. 

Join us as we talk about the death no one likes to speak of. The death pacts of lovers, the notes left behind, the deadly waves of the Werther effect, and the struggle against a transient state of the anti-self.

Survivors share their scars and tell their stories as we delve into the past and look toward the future for hope for those lost in the darkness.**

Speakers: TBA

* Due to the subject matter, we will not be charging a ticket price for this event. 

**STAY will be slightly divergent from our usual tone at times, as we will be giving our podium to several survivors generous enough to share their personal stories and experiences. Please be aware that while we feel it's a vital conversation to have, some may find it a difficult and painful topic to discuss. 

Something special is afoot in May, stay tuned....

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