Support this project, and the awesomeness will only intensify...
Philippe de Champaigne's Vanitas (c. 1671) is reduced to three essentials: Life, Death, and Time
Help Us Reach Our GoFundMe Goal! It is modest, and we are eternally grateful.

Our fledgling project is seeking sponsorship from like-minded organizations, community members, and businesses that are willing to support us as we produce 2-3 monthly events, including a monthly workshop providing services such as legal guidance for advanced directives, or Q&As regarding burial options. Others would consist of talks, outings, and demonstrations highlighting death-related art, culture, politics, historical oddities, science and more.

Want to sponsor us in-kind? Email us for our Wish List.

To donate without any obligation of having to talk to us again, here is an easy button. 

Posy-Filled Pockets Supporters:

Rebecca Brown
Courtney Williams
Marci Hovanski
Chris Ward
Jonathan & Kevy Vona
Chris Ward
Marisa Lenhardt-Patton

Thank You From the Bottoms of Our Cold Little Hearts! 

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