Just another Tuesday night at Tim's house

Posy-Filled Pockets is a collaboration, we need collaborators! 

You don't have to be a professional, armchair experts are encouraged and welcome. If you would like to lead a tour, give a lecture, or give a demonstration or presentation at one of our events, please send your name, digits and pitch to Rachel or Tim, whichever you find most handsome, using their Contact Info, or join our Facebook Group and pitch it there!

If talking in front of people isn't your thing, we could always use behind the scenes volunteers for set up, tear down, and helping out during events. If that smacks of effort but you still want to support the project, sponsor donations to help cover production costs are highly appreciated. Donation denominations that meet our sponsorship criteria come with incentive perks! For more information on donation, sponsorship or to volunteer for an event, please contact Rachel,

Guest Bloggers are welcome! If you'd like to contribute your writing or photography to the online entity of PFP, please send your pitch and a sample of your work to Rachel. 

Rachel doing her rendition of the infamous "Tarantula Dance" on the grave of its creator, Lola Montez. True story.

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