Monday, February 8, 2016

Upcoming Event - Death Eaters

Join us for Death Eaters, our second night of Posy-Filled Pockets!

Fatalities and food may seem like strange bedfellows, but the two intersect in a variety of intriguing fashions..

Rachel will introduce you to the last of the sin eaters, a historically brief but dreadful occupation consisting of ingesting the sins of others.

Jamaica is taking us back to the origins of the Last Meal, from death row to the final libations offered to French prisoners on the chopping block.

Tim is going to tell us something gross about bodies. We love it when he answers the questions we're too squeamish to ask but are dying to hear about. He totally gets us.

Then, less talking, more tasting as Amy and Skye present funeral foods and their origins as you "fake funeral crash" and sample the goods.

Ritual meals for the dead and the living, death by food in large and small doses, death-defying cuisine and things you just really, truly, shouldn't put in your mouth.

Join us as we hear a handful of surprising tales, sample funeral foods of different cultures, and toast to the life of Alan Rickman, the Deathiest Death Eater of all.

Rachel James - Richard Munslow: The Last Sin Eater
Jamaica Karr - Dining with The Damned: History of Last Meals and Serial Killer Cookbooks
Tim Lilyquist - The Corpse's Last Supper: Mechanics of it All

Presentation and Tasting:
Skye Bergen & Amy Sumner - Mourning Mastication

A journey through the kitchens of those left behind, with samples of funeral fare and the stories that go with them.


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