Sunday, February 7, 2016

5 Amazing Finds From Departed Friends

Need some incentive to be mindful of what you may leave behind should death unexpectedly come calling?

Here is a short but convincing list of 5 things that I have personally unearthed while taking care of a deceased loved ones earthly possessions.

1. Bad Poetry. So much of it. This is a fairly universal problem. Why don't we throw our teen angst journals away, and by throw I mean burn, and by away I mean into the firey pits of hell

2. Porn and sex toys. Obviously. Again, this is pretty much standard. Just keep in mind that your friends and family have to touch that stuff, so keep it tidy, would ya?

3. Secret lovers. Leave no evidence!

4. Secret FAMILIES. That's actually kind of a "thing" in my family. When my Grandfather died a few years ago, a safe was opened and there we were! My Grandma, my mom, my aunt Caroline, and my siblings and cousins, all 6 of us. They were very good natured about it all.

5. Money. This is not exactly a bad thing, but when you hide money, there's the assumption that you have a list of people you do or do not want having said money. However, if you hide it in small increments in every nook and cranny there's no guaranteeing who will end up with it, or how much of it for that matter. In fact, if other family members find out what you've found out-that the inheritance is hidden like some twisted Easter hunt, it could be mayhem!

Oh. I see what you did there Grandma.

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