Thursday, March 24, 2016

A Lovely Corpse Recap

It was a dark and stormy night...

No seriously, it really was. We had a great time anyway. There were cookies.

Our Death & Beauty event "A Lovely Corpse" on Sunday, March 20th was indeed, quite lovely. Even though it was incredibly dark and pouring rain, a few new faces braved the storm from Sacramento to join the audience. They drank our Kool-Aid, and we're pretty sure they liked it.
Either PFP Art Director Skye Beren has threatened them quietly, or they're into us.
Tim not only managed to make the subject of a mortician's wardrobe riveting and delivered some serious slides FINALLY, he took enough tasteful backside shots to possibly release his own beefcake calendar come 2017. (GOALS. WE HAVE THEM.)
Resident PFP mortician Tim Lilyquist really DOES put the "fun" in....sorry. We know better.
In anticipation of Tim being slideless, he was, as usual, gifted with some creative ones we made for him. Boy did we look stupid when he busted out the best slides EVER. We think someone helped him. We would like them to help us too.
No. No we don't know better. We're liars that don't know better.
 Posy-Filled Pockets, at your service. These faces are our helpful, informative faces. These are the faces we make when we're ad libbing our intro because Rachel has been busy planning shows two months ahead of time while neglecting the current one, and Tim's business picks up just enough to keep him locked up behind mortuary doors until the day before a show. Don't worry. We totally know what we're doing.

Did you see we had cookies? There were cookies.
Rachel and Tim, your impeccably dressed, hand clutching hosts. 
Special Guest Marci Bennett from San Francisco's Odd Salon spoke on the Glamorization of Expiration. "Live fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse." James Dean did not actually say that.
Marci Bennett explains shows us horrific auto accidents and heroin addicts. For fashion.
 Courtney Williams entertained us with Fatal Fashions. Arsenic-laced formal wear, anyone? For those keeping score at home, at least two PFP participants were wearing items on her list.
Courtney discussing her fatal fashion topic further with audience member and soap maven Normal Vincent of Outlaw Soaps
Despite the horrible weather, our third evening event was the best one yet, and the presentations just keep getting better and better. Tim had slides! The next two months are big shows for us. In April we'll be focusing on the subject of suicide education and local resources, and in May we'll be making our big venue move to the Iron Door, under the historic Holbrooke Hotel, which we're hoping will be our new home for the evening events. (Workshops will remain at The Chapel of the Angels Mortuary.) 

Keep an eye on our Facebook page as well as our Happenings page here on the blog for presentation announcements and upcoming shenanigans! 
Rachel, Marci and Tim enjoy Skye Bergen's trip around the world with corpses all dressed up for the party.
Come to our next event! We have cookies.  
Sometimes there are cookies. You'll never know unless you show up.


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