Monday, March 14, 2016

Our GoFundMe is Live!

All of those fancy suits Tim wears, they aren't cheap...

Here's what we're hoping to do with the cash. 

We need our own projector. Nothing fancy, but we're currently borrowing and no one likes to be that guy. We want to be able to move our simple operation around to different venues without scrambling for parts; a projector, portable screen, remote, super cheap laptop for slides and a microphone is all we need to take this show on the road. 

The mortuary is a lovely sanctuary, especially for the more serious workshops, but community and audience feedback has driven one point home consistently- some people just aren't comfortable there. Especially at night. 

Also, it's a little chilly. 

We strongly believe that moving the paid nightly events to a livelier (ha! get it?) venue would attract a much wider audience, which would include the people we are trying to reach the most...the ones who are uncomfortable enough with the subject to avoid our current location. (We would also like to take people on some adventures, but that's something we'll discuss a littler later...) We are looking for a new home, preferably one with a bar and indoor heating that would be a more comfortable place to invite our guests. That means initial venue costs, deposits, and some serious advertising to ensure success. 

We also need shwag. Bitches love shwag. 

An initial investment in some merchandise slathered with our logo to sell at shows would allow us to have a seperate cashflow to rely on outside of ticket sales. The money we make from merch and tickets goes straight into improving our shows, and more importantly, providing materials to give to participants of the free workshops. 

With a wee little start up boost we are confident we will become awesomely self-sufficient with the items from our wish list. 

Talking about death doesn't have to be a somber, monastic affair. Our mission is to make it easier for everyone to have that conversation, and take away some of the fear silence feeds, and lighten the burden that being unprepared creates. 

This means a lot to us. It's important.